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7 ThingsI learned from my pool

I woke up this morning with this topic in my head. Odd topic but here goes:

Things I have learned from my pool.

1. Sometimes Life is clear and sometimes it is messy. Clear takes work

2. Messy isn’t always a bad thing and can be changed usually with a few small steps

3. Messy is a sign that something needs corrected

4. Life can look warm and inviting but be cold and likewise it can look cold and be warm and inviting

5. Stay too long in one spot and you can get burnt

6. Stay too long and you can get shriveled up

7. Everyone loves the party, no one likes the clean up

Just like the pool, life can seem like the path is clear and sometimes it seems like it is messy and not so clear. If we want our path in life to stay clear it takes work. We need to meditate, make good decisions, take positive action toward goals that move us along the path we have chosen, have faith, determination, tenacity, goals . Also, the way can seem messy or unclear and yet it’s just a matter of letting the fog clear and the path is actually clear. Many times messy can be a sign we need to make a correction in life just like I need to make a correction in the pool water so it can clear up. If these corrections take too long or we don’t make any corrections, things just get messier and more unclear. Just like the pool, we can assume that what doesn’t appear comfortable from the outside can actually be very conformable and what appears comfortable is quite the opposite so we need to discern our decisions, our friendships and our relationships so that if they are uncomfortable, they are there for a reason, a lesson, to move us to the next level. If we don’t and we stay too long we can get burned or burned out. Bad decisions, toxic friendships and bad relationships drain our energy and keep us from creating the life God intended for us! That can leave us emotionally and sometimes physically shriveled up and on the verge of death! Everyone loves you and wants to be there when it is all fun and games and life is rosy but the true friends, the true relationships are the ones that stick around and help clean up when everything has blown up and gone sideways!

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