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Congratulations on Committing to Your Growth by Purchasing The Daily Life Gratitude Journal! - It's been Delivered to Your Inbox!


This may be one of the best decisions you've ever made! I'm so excited you've embarked on this incredible and transformative journey!

But before you go, I have a special offer which isn't for everyone though.

It's for those who want extra support from someone who's been through it before and also for those people who thrive in a supportive community with other women.

This Special offer is not for one but TWO, 1-hour group coaching sessions.

And this is a one time only offer! You won't get another chance like this again!

On the first group coaching session, we will go over:

1. The secrets to identifying your personal blockers (the things that need to be on your NOT to-do list), so 
you know exactly what they are and how to avoid them, so you can more easily stay on 
track during your journey and become a more grateful person.

2. The little known method to 'bless and release', so when a setback happens, no matter how big or 
small, you'll learn to gracefully let it go and conserve your emotional and mental energy, 
leaving you with way more energy than you've become accustomed to of late!

3. The difference between affirmations and intentions, and why knowing this difference is a game-changer for your wellness practice.

4. How to start seeing yourself as God sees you, so you can truly know who you are, 
and start to feel more like your authentic self.

The second group coaching session will take place sometime after you've completed your 30-day daily gratitude challenge! This is so you can process what you've learned and can gather up any questions you may have.

1. Access to a private Facebook group with fellow women on the same gratitude journey as you, which will provide you with the support and encouragement you need and keeping you accountable so, you stay committed!

2. In this exclusive Facebook group, I'll conduct a weekly Facebook live broadcast, where I'll answer 
any questions you may have, harnessing my 30 years of experience helping women around the 
world to release the negative emotional blocks that prevent them from living the life they deeply desire.

3. Daily gratitude prompts to remind you to stay consistent with your daily gratitude practice, 
so that gratitude becomes your natural state of being!

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then you need to act now and secure your place since this is a one-time offer!

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