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This Simple Practice Took Me From My All-time Low, Almost Giving Up On Life, to Living A Life Greater Than My Wildest Dreams...


You have no doubt heard of the Law of Attraction. There are dozens of books that have been written on the subject in the last few years.


It centers on the belief that a better and happier life is achieved by being grateful for what you have, and even for what you want but has yet to materialize.  Some find this to be a bit, shall we say Woo Woo, but it actually goes back to ancient scriptures. 


Hi! I’m Vickie Washburn.  There was a time not that long ago when I was at the lowest point of my life. I really felt like giving up. Then I got involved with a project called Live in Gratitude Daily. That project prompted me to practice gratitude journaling on a daily basis and my life changed in ways I never could have imagined.


Because of the impact it has had on my life, I have made it my mission to help other women step into the life they were designed for. 


We are all designed by God for greatness and a purpose. When you are able to shed the things that are not yours, those so-called limiting beliefs, (in Oola we call them blockers) you will find the passion and the purpose that has been buried and silenced by the busy-ness of life. Those fears and emotional traumas that we all experience and then carry around with us like a precious keepsake!

My #1 tip for my clients is to start a daily gratitude journaling practice. I tell them to start with just three things a day. In Oola, we learn how taking small steps consistently moves you toward your goal a little each day. Feeling grateful every day through journaling will help you improve your life in every conceivable way and move you toward the life you dream of a little each day.

Even knowing the benefits, I have found as I have worked with clients they struggled to stay anchored in gratitude throughout the day. I completely understood how they felt. I too would feel a flash of guilt, shame, or fear and would get derailed. 

But then something amazing happened!

The more I practiced feeling grateful, the easier and deeper I was able to tap into that feeling, letting it emanate from my body, spilling into everything I did and everyone I interacted with. 


Now I can sustain my gratitude throughout the ups and downs of life, so I can achieve a deeper level of self-awareness and I'm able to recognize those thoughts and feelings (blockers) that bring me into a negative emotional state. All of this allows me to respond to them in such a way that recovers my energy quicker.  I simply acknowledge those thoughts and feelings then I can bless and release those that are not mine. If it is mine, I can easily work through it and bless and release it along with all the other negativity.


What sets this journal apart from others?


While it will encourages you to acknowledge those things you are grateful for, you are also going to identify those things, each day, that may not belong to you. Things that are not yours to deal with or to feel. Then you are going to bless and release those things. Find the gratitude for what they showed you, the lesson they taught and then move on.

Studies have proven a Gratitude Practice offers a plethora of benefits, such as healthier eating habits, lower symptoms of depression, lower stress levels, higher quality sleep, improved relationships, increased generosity, boost in mood, enhanced sense of well-being, more feelings of calm, releasing pent-up feelings, releasing negative thoughts and behaviors, increased motivation, increased self-awareness, improved creativity, increased focus, better memory and improved learning.

It really is no wonder millions of moms, entrepreneurs, students, and everyone in between, all around the world, are all jumping into practicing gratitude, and why just about every psychologist is recommending it.


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all through a daily gratitude practice.

Make the commitment to yourself to make gratitude a daily practice for the next 30 days.


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