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Welcome! I’m Vickie, your Certified Oola Life Coach!

Be grateful, have faith, and go get your Oola Life!

Oo´• la \ n. adj. \

1) a : a state of awesomeness

b : a life that is balanced and growing in the key areas of health, finances, career, relationships, and well-being

c : a destination (i.e., getting to Oola)

2) : describing actions, insights and goals that lead to a balanced life (ex: That’s so Oola.)

3) : the ultimate plan for achieving balance in an unbalanced world.

Oola Shop

        I am also a mom, a Nanna, a healer, a teacher, an oil enthusiast

       and a believer in the Most High.  Above all I have a strong faith

     and a belief that Gratitude has the power to change everything. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 6.56.32 PM.png

I found Oola a few years ago and I am here to tell you it will change your perspective and your life.  I am honored to join the movement to change the world with a word and inspire my clients to live their best lives.

Take the FREE Oola Life-Balance Test:


“You were designed by God for Greatness.”

Where you are, is not who you are. Let’s lock arms and start a journey toward a better version of yourself.

My Oola Coaching offerings include a 3-Week Coaching Program and a10-Week Coaching Program option.

You may decide which simple system is the best fit for you.

If helping people weighs heavily on your heart, and you have a passion for

inspiring others, join me and the #oolaarmy and become a Certified Oola Life Coach!

We are on this planet to help you FIND BALANCE and live a life of less stress and greater purpose -

the OolaLife.

Quick-Start Program-3 Week 

Get started on the fast-track to Oola Life Coaching

Oola 10-Week Coaching

Get the in-depth Oola Life Coaching intensive

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