"I know the plans I have for you, to prosper you and give you hope." - Jeremiah 29:11

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In this webinar you will receive the exact steps, clear structure and the how-to plan that will allow you to take action with confidence…to create abundance in all areas of your life.

You know there is MORE; you can feel what is possible...

Sassy, Savvy, Sexy

Are you approaching retirement? Wondering “What’s next”? Want to live Abundantly in Health and in everyday Life well into your 80’s, 90’s, 100’s but wonder if it is possible?  Are you struggling to find clarity around your purpose and your passions.  

Let me teach you how to turn your gifts into abundance while releasing emotional blocks that hold you back from moving forward into a life that is vibrant and full of health and brings you joy, fulfilment and a sense of security. The Life you are intended to live! 

Struggling to find the success that is touted with your network marketing or online business?              

Do you find that you keep being told WHAT to do but not HOW to do it?

Is your confidence starting to fade and your fear of failing holding you back from getting out of your comfort zone and making this happen?

Welcome to my True Health & Wealth Formula. Here, you will NOT just receive more information on what to do to grow your business, rather receive clear structure, support, motivation, clarity, accountability and the how-to plan that will allow you to take action with confidence…and, actually enjoy yourself in the process.

FREE How-To webinar to tap into financial abundance online:

As we approach this season in life, many experience what society has labeled mid-life crisis.  What if, instead, it was a time of creativity!

Suddenly 60! is a collaboration of fun and empowering programs that build and support wellness, purpose, and abundance. It helps women re-focus so that they can fulfill their God-given purpose and in turn, help others do the same. 

This 3rd act of life can be your best act. Make plans today to attend one of our live events.  You will leave feeling blessed, empowered and ready to start creating your Suddenly 60! Life!


"Vickie's ability to tap into the real issue during an Emotional Release session goes way beyond her intuitive senses. She is spiritually ANOINTED! What an amazing gift to witness."

Dr. Debbie Ellis-Kucharski,D. C.,  Catoosa, OK

"I just want to thank you for being such a blessing by doing the emotional release on me. What an experience!  You have a gift!"

Camille Pritchett Bennett, Tulsa, Ok


God created us...each one of us, perfectly whole in every way and he tells us that.

But the world tells us we are not

enough, we are too much,

or that we are not

perfectly whole

in any way. 

I choose to believe God. 

"A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones” Prov. 17:22